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More words of wisdom from my friends. (they are healing me after being betrayed by PTI). a friend wrote to me below. 

People should be smart enough to differentiate between workers, managers, leaders, and philanthropists, or in this case political clowns.

Philanthropists Mother Teresa or Abdus Sattar Edhi could never be the saviors like Ay. Khomenei or Ghandhi. Managers like Reagon or Nehru could never be the nation builders like Abraham Lincoln or Jinnah.

Imran Khan is none of the above. He made the Cancer Hospital or Naml University happen only because he was a famous player. Even among Philanthropists, he is just a small fly, not like Mother Teresa or Edhi who made it all from nothing. 

He is not even at par with the Bangladeshi revolutionary banker Muhammad Yunes. Paki media made him into a savior, bunch of empty-headed internet revolutionaries followed him, and this got to his head. Like any phony "me too" he collapsed and that's what you are experiencing here. From the very beginning in politics, he was nothing more than a very lucky opportunist who never faced the street. As soon as he did, he crumbled.